Are You Looking At The Gift-Wrap Or The Jewel? Ask This 92-Year-Old Lady. She Has Some Real Vibes To That!


September 27, 2015 Videos

Wanda B. Goines is one those people whose beauty radiates from both angles: inside and outside. She may be 92 now and all wrinkled and looking old, but Wanda’s inner beauty hasn’t faded even a little. Before you evenknow what she’s up to, let’s first appreciate the fact that humans have some good love for nice lines. Yes, we love poems, and more so when it happens to touch us from the inside.

So Kathryn is Wanda’s caretaker, and she has finally figured just how much of a blessing it is caring for this nice lady. When Wanda shared her poem with her, the good caretaker couldn’t help but let the whole worldknow how beautiful the old lady was from in the inside.


The poem is inspiring and lovely, with well-chosen words and a flow that’ll get you hooked from the first line. You have to check this out!

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