The Restaurants’ Revolution Has Began, And You’ll Be Shocked By How It’s All Unfolding!


June 30, 2015 Videos

In the US, most waiters earn the larger fraction of their income from the tips they get from their patrons, and now one man wants to stop the tips.

Kevin Cox owns Bar Marco, and he hates tips. You might be tempted to think of this guy as the cruelest you’ve ever heard of, but you’ll be looking for him for a hug when you know why he’s doing this.

Together with Robert Fry, the co-owner, Kevin has sought to make the waiter’s lives and working conditions better by implementing a strategy that nobody thought of before. He’s going to eliminate tipping, and in return increase the workers’ salaries plus medical cover.


Imagining its effectiveness, you can quickly conclude that this is just what everybody has been waiting for. The plan will boost the workers’ morale, and in effect increase the business operational efficiency and profits. In addition, Kevin plans to write a longer menu and make the wine room more active.

If you’ve been waiting for an overhaul of the current unstable operating procedures in restaurants, this is it!

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