This Shows The Real Power Behind Music. Watch What I Does In This Nursing Home. So Amazing!


July 2, 2015 Videos

The way music communicates with our souls is so powerful. It’s that power that made a certain news presenter shed tears.


Seniors that struggle with various physical, cognitive and dementia challenges can get healthy benefits that music stands to offer. One nursing home for seniors within Atlanta, GAhas known as A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab understands music’s impact on the lives of its residents. They came up with a plan of injecting fun, positivity and interaction in their lives. They did that by letting their Music Therapy department incorporate music in the various programs that the seniors participate such as in leisure activities, rehabilitation therapy and when spending their personal time. To ensure everything is appropriately done, their staff have undergone through the MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Certification Program. That ensures that they are able to personalize the music to meet the various needs of their residents and at the same time learn how to use the right devices when passing across the message. With the programs, residents are able to listen to the genres of music they love and in return it enables them to react positively and remain engaged and alert the whole day.
Seeing this seniors happy is enough to warm any heart- it is easy to understand why this male news presenter shed tears. So adorable!

This video proofs that one is as old as he or she feels. Let those you love smile by SHARING this clip!

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